Cum mi-am dat joi demisia

Cu stil ar fi raspunsul. Si am incheia scurt articolul.

Dupa ce v-am mai povestit cum am fost concediata de 2 ori in U.K. aici,  si dupa ce mi-am dat demisia acum 6 luni de la un job recuperare creante super facil, no brainer, bine platit, dar la care navetam in masina 2 ore pe zi si consumam 145 gbp pe luna pentru benzina, iata ca a venit momentul unei ultime demisii. Cel putin in domeniul asta. Mi-e greata de credit control. Ma suna agentii de recrutare si primesc e-mail-uri pentru job-ul de Credit Controller si efectiv imi vine sa vomit cand stiu cum m-am prostituat profesional 10 ani din viata tinand piept unei lumi ingrate, care se invarte intr-un carusel cu cai si elefanti umpluti cu bani, care alearga val vartej in cerc sa atinga target-uri, sa imbunatateasca cash flow-ul, fara o motivatie coerenta.

Joi, la intoarcerea din concediu medical al doamnei Dick-tator (Credit Manager), m-am trezit ca imi sufla in ceafa non stop cu tot felul de plangeri penibile, cu scopul vadit sa ma determine sa imi dau demisia. Era croita, mai ales dupa ce cu o saptamana inainte o chemasem eu in sedinta pe catelusa ei umila, Deputy Credit Manager, babeta de Essex, care indraznise sa ma umileasca in fata unei cliente, la telefon, pentru ca indraznisem sa o urmaresc pentru plata pe respectiva! Eu o chemasem in sedinta, cu Directorul Financiar, sa ii explic ca in industria de people management oamenii din echipa ta sunt de aparat si sustinut, nu de batut cu biciul ca niste sclavi (in niste termeni mai amiabili).

Dar, cine eram eu, din nou, sa indraznesc sa comentez? Nu puteam fi eu o catelusa docila, rasa blanda Gudurandus docilus, preferabil neimportata din UE?

Dupa ce joi m-au umilit doamnele si in public si in sedinta privata, de a trebuit sa spun respirand adanc de vreo 3 ori “Tatal Nostru” ca sa ma calmez, am reusit performanta sa zambesc cu toata fata, sa ii spun doamnei Credit Manager din Pakistan ca doresc din toti porii sa imi dau demisia, de foarte mult timp, dar nu am facut-o pentru ca le datorez bani pentru concediu.

Cand am iesit din sedinta respectiva, m-am intors la birou, am bagat calm si treptat in geanta mea imensa cana mea pentru cafea, mini cafetiera, pozele cu Giugiuka, plicurile cu ceai, am acoperit-o cu haina, iar la sfarsitul programului am salutat frumos cu “Bye” (stiind in mintea mea ca imi voi fi bagat pula in locul ala) si atat.


Ajunsa acasa, le-am trimis e-mail-ul de mai jos.

Daca HR ar face niste exit interviews la toti “plecatii”, daca ar avea decenta sa si dea doi bani pe lipsa de retentie pe termen lung a angajatilor, posibil ca ar face niste schimbari in stilul de management.

Sau, cred eu ca stiu, dar nu fac nimic in sensul asta.

Va las sa va delectati cu scrisoarea de demisie, scuzati cacofonia.

“Dear D,
Following our meeting this morning about your concerns around my incapacity to manage the Credit Control workload (11 residential homes and minimum 1,300 lines to maximum 1,500 lines on the AR report), please accept my resignation with immediate effect.
I agree that due to on and off absences from the office the workload has been building up.
Upon return to the office I try my best to joggle with a huge amount of tasks and catch up with built up workload:
– Aged debt report;
– Top 50 report;
– Unallocated cash report;
– Refunds;
– Lengthy account reconciliations;
– E-mails;
– Phone calls – outgoing and incoming;
– Funding change letters;
– Invoices checking, folding;
– Final accounts.
Somehow this joggling has shown positive results on 60+ aged debt reduction , hitting target for the past 2 months.
My relationship with the elderly care homes staff, the councils staff and 99% of the residents has been a very positive one, I have even kept a copy of a letter of appreciation addressed to myself which has described my help as “invaluable”.
However, the management focus remains on mistakes which are bound to happen to people under my exceptional circumstances, all duly communicated transparently and openly:
– severe depression of ex husband affecting me to a distressing level;
– single mother as abandoned here in the UK as sole carer of my only child aged 5, with no family or other relatives to help with anything;
– house sale with offer received from buyer wishing that we vacated the property as soon as possible;
– new school for my daughter putting me in a position of finding no places at the breakfast or after school clubs;
– serious illness as per letter sent out to you to indicate adrenal fatigue which is the adrenal glands incapacity to produce cortisol following long periods of exposure to chronic stress.
While my personal circumstances are not in the company’s or the team’s best interests and I fully understand and appreciate your valid concerns, I am however unable to perform my daily work duties with immediate effect.
I find myself in the office with my heart racing, hands shaking, always tense as I hear open comments or private feedback such as:
– J. (my line manager) to V. (Finance Manager): “You’re still finding errors on the refunds, are you?” – on a couple of final account reconciliations;
– D. (Credit Manager) “You’ve done this letter wrong, or this is the wrong letter“, “there is lack of quality compared to others” (There is less workload for 2 of the new team members and more experience with the ones who have been with the company for 3 or 4 years, therefore I cannot compare, really);
– “This e-mail sent to this family is threatening and unacceptable”, when in fact the home manager replied to thank me for it, considering the outrageous lies the respective family member is passing between Home, Council and myself;
– “You do not end an email abruptly with Thank you! with an exclamation mark as that means …” when in fact this is how I was taught to end a sentence using Thank you, with exclamation mark, at academic levels.
Not that it matters, but I feel like every single action I take, whether it is an escalation or a comma or an exclamation mark at the end of a sentence is wrong.
This has destroyed my initial confidence. I was asked to show confidence, however my understanding of confidence and freedom to make decisions and choices always gets me in trouble or conflict with expectations.
Since I am unable to cope with work due to stress on both personal and professional levels, please accept that I will not be returning to the office tomorrow.
What started off very positively is ending on such a sad and negative note.
I wish to thank you for every sign of appreciation, such as reduced hours acceptance upon joining the company, pre paid summer holidays, birthday cake and drinks outings, public recognition of my efforts initially upon joining.
I will take all these good parts with me as I make my relocation move back to Romania.
Wishing you all the best.
Yours, sincerely,
As fi putut sa intru pe concediu medical perioada nedeterminata cum e practica englezilor, dar am preferat sa le prezint o lectie de decenta si demnitate. Cat m-o fi costat lectia voi afla maine pe fluturasul de salariu.
Sunt fericita ca am scapat de acest stres, momentan ma bucur sa imi pot duce si lua copilul la si de la scoala, sa gatesc, sa dorm (au trecut 3 zile de atunci).
Ramane desigur insomnia in jurul deciziei intre a ramane in UK sa imi termin cursul Montessori sau a ma intoarce in Sibiu cu Giugiuka, sa imi ling ranile de extenuare capatate aici.
Va urma…
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